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The creation of the website is an important step especially if you want perfectly interact with the web world. However, this item is problematic especially at the level of the tool. Indeed, there are several tools that are focusing in the development of web applications like ruby ​​on rails for example. so it will choose the tool to be assured of a perfect result. In the case of ruby ​​on rails, its benefits are such that it has a very good rating now at developers and most startups is even done with this tool.

Ruby on rails

Clearly, ruby ​​on rails or ror for short is a framework using the Ruby language for building web applications. His language is object-oriented and multi-paradigm while being open source and cross-platform. It will therefore ensure a perfect result at the result in the creation of website. Two fundamental principles are ror of what it currently is. The first principle is based on the DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself which will have application components in one place. The second principle is the convention over configuration which explains that ror advocate specific policies.

The benefits of ruby ​​on rails

You should know that ror not popular for nothing. Several benefits it brings perfectly explain this fact. Above all, rails provide a good structure for projects that will be good at the project organization. Ror to change this structure will also migration. It also has active record is an ORM that will manipulate the data very simply. To make a CRUD, ror offer the option scaffolding to generate the code. Ror also has 3 unique environments that allow a perfect task management. default protection systems are also offered by rail to avoid common attacks. A Javascript library will also be proposed by default rails. Of course, ror will put caches all over the pages and tests will be topical as with the rails features.

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