The new performance of PHP 7

Scripting languages ​​have been refined specifically as The Php which are addressed especially to the web application developers. These concepts have various benefits that will make its use an example of practicality. In the case of PHP, the work will be faster and more accurate ensuring a perfect result. Currently, PHP 7 came out with even more benefits it will know to be well with Phil.


You should know that the final version of PHP 7 was released in December 2015. It will include an enhanced version of the Zend Engine. The first prior HPP 7 will therefore its speed is further enhanced. php development was based on a version based on PHPNG or Php Next Generation. With this new version of PHP, you will be entitled to a performance increase of 25% to 70%. Of course, apart from speed, this new version of PHP has seen several improvements like the ability to make explicit typing for scalar types. So avoid the types of strict data concerning the declaration of variables. So make these highly versatile variables. With the new version of Php also management mistakes against this explicit typing for scalar types with more developed type hints.

Why upgrade from Version 5 to Version 7

It will be recalled in July 2014 was the date of the direct passage of Php 5 to Php 7. Clearly, version 6 has well and truly existed but the site failed. Which specified that version 6 was integrating unicode language so that texts are easier to deal with in different languages. Too many technical difficulties so that the concept was abandoned. Subsequently, other changes recommended on PHP 6 have then been reinstated to intermediate versions. It is precisely to avoid any confusion as php development is directly passed to version 7. This not to mention the fact that the number 6 was often a sign of failure in the field of web php development service.

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