Where to find a framework for php ?

A framework is both a coherent set of components that are proven and reusable and a set of recommendations to properly design and develop applications. It is possible that all frameworks do not necessarily meet the same needs although some may also be used together in a certain situation. There are several types of frameworks and application frameworks including those that fit certain development issues.

The benefits of using a framework

Using a framework then enables php developers to take advantage of multiple benefits. Today, each of them can then be good and excellent integrators solutions levels granualité. They integrate all simple tools and effecicaces to manage use cases. They are good practice for the state of the art and then allow each developer to design robust, scalable and indistrualisables. With frameworks, the time he had to do everything by hand is over. A framework will then bring you all with a relatively minor investment when compared to the benefits you will reap.

Php frameworks

Although frameworks can help developers to write clean and reusable code, the majority of them prefer the php frameworks because they are more efficient and provide better documentation with several other integrated and other functions.

It is difficult to make a choice regarding the php frameworks. Although Codelgniter remained the first choice of developers in recent years, Laravel has taken over since 2015 and remains until now the leader in this field. Laravel is then used to make development much easier and faster relief and promotes common tasks that are used in web projects such as authentication, sessions, routing, caching or the Line waiting.

Then then comes Codelgniter which is still popular with its lightness and power providing the elegant and simple platform to create the best feature-rich web applications.

Yii is next with also a high-performance and basic characteristics.

Cackephp is also in the part. If you have had the opportunity to test cake php, notice that the framework is lighter, faster and is very simple to use with less code.

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