A formation to understand HTTP/HTTPS

The web is a real world that has its own constraints, specific attractions and language. In this order, http and https are part of these attractions. You are offered training to better understand these two concepts. The amateurs will be able to expand their cultures while the professionals will deepen their knowledge of the field.

The http request

The training in http and HTTPS security aims to deepen the subject in order to better treat it. In this order, understanding http is essential. Clearly http stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is a communication protocol inherent to the connection between several computers via the internet. Clearly, http is a language that is specifically used by the internet. Like the human language, the language of the internet is specific, but not so difficult to learn. Clearly, the language of the web is summed up by a specific form that is the RFC or Request For Comments. We are talking about a document where we find all the operating rules of the web world. It is with http that customers will understand the results offered by the web. Customers or Internet users therefore use a browser that will send the server http request to have a response back.

The difference between these two requests

In general, http and https are not the same things. Indeed, apart from the name of these two queries, there are significant differences between them.
In the case of http, its role is to clarify the data that go from the browser to the server and vice versa. Thanks to him, all Internet users can easily read the language. Only this data can be intercepted by a third party who can steal this information. Note that the use of intermediaries such as proxies or VPN leads to the same effect.
The https has been implemented to solve this type of problem. Initially, his role was to secure online payments. In short, https offers better security for all your online data. All details are treated in the training.

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