Create a website with Ruby !

l must say that the web world is a full service today. The Websites fuse in order to gain some market share in terms of users in all fields. For the creation and management of these sites, therefore, various concepts have been possible including Ruby on Rails is all the rage these days in startups. Of course, before you can actually claim the benefits of this new concept, it will fully know its specifics.

Ruby on Rails

You should know that Ruby on Rails or RoR is above all a framework. It is a concept that has been dedicated specifically to web application development. It is even in the heart of many 2.0 sites now. Clearly rubyonrails will create website so that it is further, faster, more functional while being provided with all the necessary features to existing web sites. It will provide web application developers, this is a really code more concise and more scalable for faster results, minimal configuration making communication more convenient and already integrated as Ajax technologies. Its use will allow the refinement of websites with highly functional interfaces with high interactivity.

Use Ruby on Rails to create a website

Clearly, Ruby on Rails is a web framework that uses the Ruby language to create web applications and write code very easily. It will be important to be familiar with the underlying programming language Ruby before use. Once complete approach, it will be familiar with the command line of the terminal before installing and using it for the first time on a computer. A formation on deepening RoR will be as important afterwards to effectively manage all versions of Rails and Ruby. From there, simply follow the various tips to make the site even more perfect if we formed his first website. In all cases, RoR is very easy to access, but the user experience will be important to really grasp it.

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