Izispot, the software which help you to create your website

Izispot is a rather special software, relatively unknown. It was especially designed to carry small commercial sites, including the management of a product database for sale. It offers all necessary functions to develop an already very compelling site. Izispot is free. His publisher pays the selling of accommodation online but you are not obliged to choose this solution. One thing is certain: the accommodation it offers on its server, it is not free.

The simplest software

The easiest software to create a website is probably izispot. It lets you choose a graphic template from which 50 are available and fill your content, text and photos. Its simplicity is probably its greatest advantage: it is very easy to learn, even for beginners. Once chosen the site of the model, you can then edit pages easily by typing your text in an editor close to that of Word. The software handles HTML completely. You can easily insert images, add links and get some nice menus.

Another advantage: everything is WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get), or almost

You can immediately see what you do on the screen through the browser function. What you see on screen is what you get (on paper). Principle of operation of most current software word processing and desktop publishing for the general public, in which the screen displays are as close as possible to what will ultimately be printed.

Finally, the software is very comprehensive, because it allows you to specify keywords for your site listed well on search engines.

Its weakness

The disadvantage is that it offers little customization: hard to get out of the proposed models. So your site may graphically resemble a dozen (or more) other people who have used the same graphic model. But that's the price to pay for a free and easy to use editor.

For your specific website, simply : ruby on rails !

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