Where to document your code ?

PHP is a language used by web application php developers. The excitement of its use is due to its many benefits and features that can not be disparaged. It is not only talking about processing speed but also details essential for php developers like documentation. Of course, it will know in the workings in order to best manage the concept to better use.

General information on PHPDocumentor

Code documentation generated when talking about PHP is a plus and sometimes overlooked element yet it is a guarantee of quality. PhpDocumentor the library has a role to generate documentation based on information entered by the PHP code itself. During installation, you must know that PHPdoc is part of the PEAR of pear.php.net directory. To install it, it will install by typing the command PhpDocumentor. It will be possible to have a new order later by typing -help phpdoc. Regarding its use, the preliminary stage of the documentation is to add annotations surrounding the PHP code. After manipulation, we obtain in the doc / the result of the generation of documentation of the file specified by the -f parameter. The result of the operation will, by default, an HTML document consisting of frame that can be opened with a browser.

PHPDoc operation

You should know that the source code of SPIP uses a PHPDoc format to document its functions and files. The PHPDoc or docblocks are specific PHP comments in code to document it. Generally it starts with / ** and ends with * /. Generally, the * creates a vertical net. Specifically, it is composed as follows:

1. / **

2. * This is a docblock

3. * /

Note that the first is the short description of the function. If the description should be longer, it will skip a line as follows:

1. / **

2. * This is the short description, usually on one line

3. *

4. * This is a long description, optional. It starts after the line

5. * vacuum following the short description

6. * /

Also, the contents inside these blocks must be written with a Markdown.

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