What is the best webdesign in order to incite users to buy online products ?

If last year, trends Web design resided in the long scrolling, giant video, the card design, typography, large images, interactive storytelling, the micro-interactions, mobile friendly, and others, for this year still, some of them were preserved or even improved if others have been forgotten. Every year, new designs appear each bringing their own pixel web. Developments that were born graphic, technological but above all behavioral. Focus on trends in web design for this 2016 prompting the user to buy more products online.

The Material Design

Despite all the existing search engines on the internet, Google remains the most popular. The latter has made its choice in visual language influencing the habits of Internet users. Opting for a multidimensional and minimalist design, it favors the orientation of digital consumers using colorful shapes, volumes, icons but also discrete animations. A design that allows the standardization of the user experience on any device.

Welcome to the colors

For this year, the web designer choose the colors. Which is a sign of hope for all. These cheerful colors then take the center stage although black and white is not far behind. The atmosphere of the site corresponds to the choice of pallets. If one has an e-commerce site and we want to acquire a maximum of customers, it would be better to rely on a colorful website a black and white site. Let's admit that the colors attract more eyes and can be a great marketing tool.

The Play-Mobile

It becomes useless to say that mobile users are becoming more numerous. Because of changes in technology and therefore the appearance of these mobile devices offering more possibilities and performance, many people prefer to surf on their tablet or smartphone on a computer. The optimization of a website becomes a necessity. So much so that each owner must meet the needs of these fanatics in every way. Know that even Google has decided to offer awards to sites that may be accessible on all media.

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