Websites are dead ?!

Are websites obsolete? This is the question that arises today. The websites are interfaces used in particular for research, publishing articles or media, messaging, etc. However, in recent years, the democratization of mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets) make using websites increasingly outmoded. So, what future for ruby on rails developers?

Mobile applications instead of websites

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, mobile applications have taken an important place in our daily lives. We cannot count the number of apps that proliferate on various stores. In addition, there is an app for almost all uses. Even the mainstream media have, for the most part, a smartphone application. Users prefer to see the latest updates directly to their app rather than visit the media website. Furthermore, mobile app even allow financial transactions such as paying at the supermarket.

In addition, a form of app seems completely change our use of the web: the intelligent personal assistant. Cortana, Google Now, Siri and others take more and more search engines’ place. Their ease of use (single voice command), the speed and the diversity of results obtained make them successful.

The decline of web sites because of instant publishing

Web giants such as Facebook and Google are in the process of deploying a new way to publish on the web. This technique for publishing on the web no longer passes through the content management of the website. You don’t need to go through a web site to publish an article, a video, etc. This Google tool interacts directly and instantly with all other platforms (including applications).

Is this really the end of the websites? I don’t think so. Even mobile apps and intelligent personal assistants give rise to the decline of websites’ visits, these platforms have made the heyday of the web. And they still have a bright future ahead of them. So webdevelopers must innovate more in their domain for not being outstrip.

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