Build your website yourself !

Today, many scripting languages ​​are used to create itself its website. The most common is probably Php that provides substantial benefits during web application development. Of course, it goes without saying that perfectly know this language and its many advantages will better understand and better use thereafter. However, simply knowing the basics of operation to be able to use to create your site.

Why create a website

You should know that the web world is a full service today. It is therefore important to grasp it with a website in order to really interact with it. Having a website will, among others, to interact with users in order to better sell a product or just promote his brand. It goes without saying that this is a very simple way that will provide flawless results. Note also that the majority of people are connected to the Web now makes it very interesting to gain market share. For the establishment itself, it is possible to use an agency or do himself. One of the most common ways to do so is Php The php development sees its rating thanks to its many benefits.

Using Php

Clearly, php is a general purpose scripting language and open source that was designed for web application development. Its use will display HTML and this as simply as possible. Php development for specificity to use a server to display HTML. The result thus generated will be directly sent to customers later without access to source code. Clearly, the PHP code is based on the use of tags. These are then integrated in the middle of an HTML code. Of course, the PHP code will mandate the use of special tags. It is then within these special tags that we put the PHP code. It will note that the PHP tag can be written on several lines too.

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