Angular is used by Facebook and Whatsapp

The field of web application development is booming lately. In the field, the use of development tools is essential. Of course, the more effective the tool, the better the result will be. One of the best tools currently used is Angular. Big sites and big apps like Facebook or WhatsApp use it.

The principle of AngularJS

The choice of this tool by Angular Developers is mainly due to its efficiency. Clearly Angular was born on the premises of Google. Two developers are behind it thanks to the "Google Feedback" project. Initially, this project had no less than 17,000 lines of code that could not be tested. It was then that one of the developers had the idea of ​​redeveloping everything thanks to a homemade framework. That's where Angular was born. From there, the project had only 1500 lines of fully tested code in just three weeks. It is from there that many developers had the idea to take over this framework in order to use it on a daily basis. Since those days AngularJS has been used by many developers around the world and has evolved to meet the needs in the field.

The concept

Clearly, when AngularJS was designed, it was not really created. In fact, no form of invention has been perceived, but rather it speaks of the essential practices of the field of the web currently. Thus, Angular includes an MVC architecture or Model View Controller. The latter is based on the separation between the models, the presentation of the data as well as the actions to be planned with. Then comes the Data Binding, the injection of dependencies as well as the manipulation of the DOM by means of directives. Note that the manipulation of the DOM induces a difficult creation of test while rendering their tests almost impossible. With angular, this fact is skewed. It makes it easy to create codes while actually testing them. What guarantee the stability of the result. We can really say that AngularJS is an effective tool at all levels.

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