Php errors : 10 common mistakes

When writing for php, it is quite obvious that we make mistakes as php developers no matter what level you have. The "Parse error" are the most common. These are errors of carelessness that can be easily corrected. They can be the cause of a forgotten semicolon or forgotten concatenation point. Please note the following inputs were put forward by our tea, at

The most common errors in php

The unexpected '}' is found on line 62 is one of the most common errors in php. It is usually generated when there is an oversight in the opening brace or a closing brace surplus.

The unexpected $ end in line 63 is generated by forgetting a closing brace.

The unexpected '{' in line 42 is caused by nested functions located within the evaluated expression of a control structure. It is generated by the closure of a parenthesis is missing.

The unexpected T_VARIABLE at line 38 is generated by the lack of the most important character in the history of programming php.

The unexpected '}', expecting ',' or ';' at line 44 is generated by the missing comma after the statement echo on the line 43 which leads the php to achieve unexpectedly the closing brace yew.

The unexpected ',' is quite evident through the use of a syntax highlighter. The channel is usually surrounded by single quotes from the inside as the outside. Only the first escaped by a backslash evaluating as a single quote character and not by encapsulating apostrophes.

The unexpected '=', expecting ')' on line 32 is generated by any syntax that déclence a parse error. Indeed, for the definition of a table, you can let the index be assigned automatically and digitally.

The unexpected T_STRING, expecting ')' on line 32 is generated when the string is surrounded by quotes php causing to the finding of an unexpected T_STRING while seeking a character is missing but that is part of a language construct .

The lack of argument 1 prepublication () on line 27 and defined on line 21. This is an error indicating the lack of a function as elements in an example parenthesis at line 27. You need to pass the argument in the function call on this line.

You must understand the difference between == and ===. It is not an error in php. However, you should be very careful to properly build your sites.

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