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The tricks to make your magento nicer

There is currently a e-commerce site that asks multitude perfect management at all levels. Magento was created exclusively in this order so that the management of e-commerce sites is more extensive. Obviously, this tool, as well effective, has specificities that will be essential to take into account to better apprehend. We not only talk about his installation, but also the same management in its use in order to derive the best benefits.

Installation: the first step

That part is obviously essential, it is so it'll have to pass. You should know that the magento developers will need to comply with the prerequisites in order to properly install this tool. Above all, it will download the software and the open source version is free. From there, it will choose a server that will be compatible with magento as apache. After which it will use FTP to install magento at the server. FTP allows the filing of computer files to the server. Once it all done, it will be imperative to test server compatibility with magento check while setting file permissions.

Enhance photos with Magento

Many features of magento and one of them is the ability to enhance photos. So we talk about image quality, speed display and the ease of navigation. Clearly, we should be able to show a photo on a black background and zoom while highlighting a nicer appearance of the product. This feature will automatically with PrestaShop, but not with magento. To be able to have with it so you have to use lightbox script. To use it, it will therefore create a lightbox js file in the folder of magento. It will copy the file that will be unpacked lightbox.js to even this directory. From there, we will modify the css and js files lightbox too.

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