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What Koodos can offer you on the marketing front

Everyone knows that there are many types of hosting services like IN motion hosting, Site Ground, infomaniak, Alibaba host and more others. But here, we are about to tell why KoDDoS is the best solution for all, as well as in management of websites than in marketing front.

Why KoDDoS increase the marketing front?

As we knew, KoDDoS is physically located in Hong Kong, but the majority of their data are saved in the Netherlands or in the USA. In these 2 locations, the bandwidth traffic is still far to be saturated, therefore, the website or the server will be rapidly served. As we saw in, this help the website to function correctly, and to be able to block attack instantly. No matter if it is an DDoS attack or an attack for something other else, this will be instantaneously blocked. Another big point for marketing is the fact that KoDDoS is able to receive secured payment from many types. It can be from PayPal, credit card, western union, bitcoin, ultracoin, CashU or more other. It’s sure that this will make transaction easier. And for always having the best result, KoDDoS is always updating their equipment, as well as in software than in hardware.

Why to choose KoDDoS?

As everyone knows, DDoS is now always near to waiting for hackers to use them. You may say that this is the older web protection services society, but you have to remember that this is also the most up to date in this domain. So, with these years of experience, KoDDoS is now able solve any problem in short times, obviously if this appears. With at least 300Mbps of protection, KoDDoS is just the best solution for every type of attack, even if it is from DDoS, http, flopping or other.

Many people think that all these options can be very expensive, but this is false. In fact, KoDDoS provide all these solutions in a price according to everyone’s budget.

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