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What is magento ?

When we talk about e-commerce, more vocabularies have emerged to perfect and optimize the action plans. One of the solutions found to facilitate the use of the Web to benefit businesses is Magento. The excitement of its use is especially due to the many benefits it offers through the back office and front office functionalities. Understand the concept will allow better understand it to better use.

General information on Magento

Clearly, Magento is, above all, software that has the role of managing e-commerce content. The magento developer have created this software with the Zend framework bases in 2008. You should know that today, CMS is majority owned by ebay, but of course, the creative company always develops the software effectively. Also, CMS has multiple licenses namely an open source EC or Community Edition and a paid Enterprise Edition license or EE. With the latter, an annual subscription will be offered to companies where we find particularly technical assistance and hosting of the site. Clearly therefore, Magento was specially developed for companies wanting to develop a draft e-commerce website regardless of size. One of the advantages of Magento recurent is the possibility of a surge catalog management and pricing rules. This will, among other retailers to greatly diversify their promotional panels.

Of new features

It must be said that the magento developpers made sure that the features of the concept are more utilitarian. There is talk of including back office feature and front office. Concerning the back office, you should know that Magento will be a multi-boutique platform. Clearly, it allows the management of multiple e-commerce site on a single administrative interface. In terms of back office functions, Magento will manage the typologiesproduits so advanced that it is the simple, customizable products, bundled products or configurable products. Product Pages will be more advanced with the zoom functionality on product images. Of course, this feature also optimize the search mode and product visualization.

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