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SBG Systems offers a wide range of applications wherever the requirements

SBG Systems is an American company based in France, more precisely in Carrières-sur-Seine. The company is expert in the manufacture of electrical and electronic components. Indeed SBG Systems manufactures and sells latest generation sensors at the cutting edge of technology, and adapted to the usual means of transport.

An inertial navigation system for autonomous navigation

The inertial navigation system is equipped with sensors based on MEMS technology. SBG Systems is recognized in France for being one of the pioneers in the technological sector to be inspired by the attitude and heading reference system (AHRS), but also by the inertial measurement unit (IMU) and the inertial navigation with a GPS system (INS)

Thanks to the inertial navigation system also called inertial measurement unit, SBG Systems is engaged in autonomous navigation. The IMU, AHRS and INS systems, thanks to their low weight, integrate easily with autopilot vehicles such as industrial cars, driverless cars, drones, underwater and terrestrial robots. The inertial navigation system is commonly used for autonomous navigation, as it allows synchronization and stabilization of additional equipment.

Other applications

Aside from autonomous navigation, SBG Systems develops applications still based on AHRS, MRU and IMU technology for the control of the movement of land, sea and air vehicles. The SBG sensors are equipped with a gyroscope allowing calibration and thus better detection of movements. This system is used for parameter testing of motor cars, racing boats, instrumented buoys and for monitoring boat movements.

SBG Systems is also present in the survey, always thanks to the inertial navigation system integrated into mobile mapping applications, thus facilitating data collection in terrestrial, marine and aerial environments. In summary, SBG Systems is present in several fields with a significant contribution to technological progress.

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