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Php supports a wide range of databases

PHP is now one of the most famous web development platforms. Web-based open source CRMs for SMEs and e-commerce solutions are quietly common today, not just for websites but for business apps like ERP. Most of us tend to believe MySQL is the only PHP database. Others understand that other databases are supported by PHP but do not understand which ones. In many instances, clients choose the database they want to implement. This paper is intended for PHP developers, web developers and others who are interested in understanding PHP's supporting databases.

Popular Databases for PHP

We attempted to list the databases as reducing PHP usage instances. The most common database is therefore mentioned above and those that are not so common are further listed below. We would also attempt to keep this post when adding fresh databases.


In 1995, PostGreSQL was launched and compliance and standards were underlined. It's wealthy in function compared to MySQL, and the database's launch now stands at 9.3 compared to 5.6 of MySQL. The sophisticated optimization and compression functions of PostGrey have been added in conjunction with Oracle.


SYBASE, founded in 1984 in Berkley, now belongs to SAP AG. The solution for company database management has been much appreciated. It also proves under very high loads and is appropriate for organizations requiring a large database. It connects to PHP via MySQL-like sasql connect).


No guessing points for that. MySQL continues to be the most common php programming database. The database is the world's most famous database for open sources. There is also a paid version of the company database. Many common apps such as SugarCRM, Magento, Drupal and WordPress use MySQL. Also its clients are large websites such as Wikipedia, Facebook and Google. A Web-based user interface to handle the data base is provided by MySQL workbench.

Oracle database

Oracle database is one of the most common databases of today, and is also common for servers based on Windows and Linux. Organizations that don't use this database are hard to find. OCI8 extension is required for connection to PHP apps.

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