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How to implement a webvideo in a blog ?

Creating website is an important step to interact with the web world. There are many types of website whose blog is probably one of the most recurrent type of level. After work of creation, it is important to edit the blog later like adding image or video. To move as simply as possible this approach, we will have to mount the foremost website with impeccable tool in the field.

The tool called PHP

To effectively mount a blog, one of the best tools currently used is php. You should know that the php programming will have best results using the many benefits of this tool. Remember, PHP is a scripting language for both general and open source. It was designed specifically to develop web applications. With php, HTML integration will be simple since it will not need to use a variety of commands to display it as php pages already contain HTML fragments. In addition, being a server side scripting language, PHP will execute its code specifically via a server to generate HTML. Customers will receive directly the result and not the source code. With the configuration of the server, static pages and dynamic pages will be combined perfectly.

Insert an image on a blog

Once the blog set up and well designed, it will be important to put good content. It is with these that the interaction with the users will. In the case of inserting a video, for example, it must first connect to the blogger. Next, it will select the blog you want to update. From there, it will select the link to create or edit an article. It is then in the editor section we will click on the icon where you will insert a video. The video that we want to put on the blog will then be selected to insert it directly on the blog. In the end, simply click on import to insert video on the blog. Obviously the videos to put on a blog should follow the regulations of the political blogger on copyright.

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