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How to develop advanced object-oriented programs

Knowing php is one thing, but knowing how to use it is another. However, you do not need to be an apprentice who has had several years of education and has various university degrees to handle and master this language. Indeed, one can be self-taught and take courses at home. Whatever the path taken by the php developer, he must know how to properly develop a site with this base and how to optimize its structure. It should also know when to switch to object-oriented programming or OOP.

What is OOP or object-oriented programming?

This is a new way to optimize the code that any good developer with a good level of advanced php application development needs to know. Invented in the 1970s, this design is now one of the most widely used in the world of website design. Not only does it make it easier to organize projects, it also makes it easier to maintain and distribute the code in the easiest possible way. However, before using this paradigm, it is important to see compulsory to be comfortable with php and its syntax. The developer must also have done several practices, in other words, he must have a few years of experience. In addition, on its server, it needs at least a php 5.4. With regard to the particular characteristics that he must have, patience, rigor and an acute sense of research are indispensable.

What do you need to master to develop advanced object-oriented programs?

There are several details that a developer of advanced php application development must know for the development of advanced object-oriented programs. Those are :

  • The use of the class and everything related to the scope resolution operator;
  • The manipulation of stored data and inheritance;
  • All that concerns the objects, the exceptions, the traits and the API of reflexivity;
  • Details on UML, degign patterns, generators, closures.

For development, he will need to know:

  • The development of the library;
  • The frontend and the backend;
  • Forms management;
  • The master of the operator instanceof.

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