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Find out what web solutions Koddos has for you

To have a website is not a necessary if your business stays on your own area, anyway, things are changed, and to have relationships may grow your business in your country. But to be present in the net means available to the hacker, so, adopt koDDoS is proud to your business.

What is KoDDoS?

The first thing you need to know is DDoS, because we can see that the meaning of K O DDoS is to make DDoS on KO. DDoS is a strategy using by hackers to fail down your website and disable it. They let everybody using your server and saturate it to be unsuccessful. At last the system crashes and makes darkness into your business online. They are so free about those websites which use much traffic, that’s mean that your business is already in his success. So, to have a liberty on surfing and staying accessible in any hours, you have to ask more power with koDDoS solution. This will be your new server and hosting service to have a role to manage every traffic in your website. You can have more information about this on and optional solutions to protect your website well.

This is how KoDDos works for you

His place is between visitors and your hosting webserver. In a simple way, before all applications software and your webdataserver. For the specialist, when they learn about Cloud name, they don’t ask any question and suggest you the system. Yes, with this kind of server, you can test the performance of your website and make traffic more and more during many years. KoDDoS give you a certificate SSLand domain name. They give you also more data, that you can use and explore to have more visibility and more activities. This big data makes you get powers by serving your clients faster. There are some services that KoDDoS Society propose you. You get a free hosting with high risk and perfect, also in offshore solution to be a seller and beater. You have guaranties to be protected about DDoS attacks.

It is hard to see that your website has been hacked, and if you have a good protector, he informs you all wrong things and give you solution immediately.

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